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The September issue is going to be late this month.  I have been sick and what with real life and all, I haven’t had the chance to put it together.  Unfortunately, with some of the changes to the LOTRO forums, I also lost a couple of articles.  So, it will take a little bit of time to put some new articles together and I’ve decided to postpone the publication.  Perhaps we will be able to include some of the new happenings that will arrive with the whole free-to-play thing.

However, this means there is still time to get in those stories or snippets that you meant to write, but never got around to.  *wink*  For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating this issue, I apologize, and I will try to get it published as soon as I can.  Thanks!


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Staff roster

Here is our working list of staff.  I will update it as we go along.  And if anyone is interested in a position, please let me know.

Editor-in-chief: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Features Editor: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Submissions Editor – OpEd/Letter to Editor: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Submissions Editor – Artwork/Creative Writing/Photography: Keral Blackedge

Bree Correspondent: Meeri Thurman

Celondim/Rivendell Correspondent: Gwendeling Potts

Events Coordinator: Nevanna Sacredsong

Copy Editor: Kailis Virendis

PR Representative: Ellacin / Ellawyse

Office Manager: Haydyn Sylvanus

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I have outlined the roles and responsibilities for those who are interested in contributing to the paper.

I am still open to ideas and suggestions, if anyone thinks something should be changed or added.

If someone is interested in a section, but does not want the responsibility of being the editor, we can always add an assistant editor position for you.

PDF link: Breeland Times Roles and Responsibilities

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