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Staff roster

Here is our working list of staff.  I will update it as we go along.  And if anyone is interested in a position, please let me know.

Editor-in-chief: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Features Editor: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Submissions Editor – OpEd/Letter to Editor: Vatna Vaenleifsdottir

Submissions Editor – Artwork/Creative Writing/Photography: Keral Blackedge

Bree Correspondent: Meeri Thurman

Celondim/Rivendell Correspondent: Gwendeling Potts

Events Coordinator: Nevanna Sacredsong

Copy Editor: Kailis Virendis

PR Representative: Ellacin / Ellawyse

Office Manager: Haydyn Sylvanus


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I have outlined the roles and responsibilities for those who are interested in contributing to the paper.

I am still open to ideas and suggestions, if anyone thinks something should be changed or added.

If someone is interested in a section, but does not want the responsibility of being the editor, we can always add an assistant editor position for you.

PDF link: Breeland Times Roles and Responsibilities

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PDF link:  Breeland Times Template Example

This is a test run to see if the PDF download works, as well as to give people an idea of what I am thinking of.

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